Networks & Organizations

Send Network & North American Mission Board

At Grace Point Fellowship we are more concerned with advancing God’s kingdom than we are building our castle and we are proud to work in partnership with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and Send Network to reach the Cincinnati/Dayton metroplex. The Send Network provides training, coaching, and resources to church plants around the country to help plant churches everywhere, for everyone. Pastor Reagan and Pastor Spencer both serve as Church Planter Trainers and Coaches for Greater Cincinatti and Dayton.

Church Partners

In addition to our partnering network, Grace Point is also proud to partner with missional-minded churches from across from the country who have come alongside us to help us advance the Gospel where it is needed most. We can’t say thank you enough to each of our church partners and their investment in Grace Point Fellowship through prayer, mission teams, and shared resources. Some of our primary church partners through our journey have been:


Thompson Station Church

Thompson’s Station, TN |

Thompson Station Church has served as our primary sending church.


Hope Church

Las Vegas, NV |

Hope Church is where our leadership received training and assessment. In addition, Grace Point believes in and will train future pastors through the Multiply Training Assessment and Training.

Living Hope Church 

Marsyville, OH | 

Living Hope has been Grace Point’s strongest partner here in the state of Ohio.

Other Ongoing Church Partners

  • Grace BC | Nashville, TN

  • Porter Memorial BC | Lexington, KY

  • Goldsby BC | Goldsby OK

  • Grace Christian Academy | Leiper’s Fork, TN

  • B & H Construction | Goldsby, OK

  • East Pickens Baptist Church

  • Etowah Baptist Association

  • GDAB | Dayton, OH

Interested in partnering with Grace Point Fellowship? 

Whether you are a Pastor, a business, or an individual, there are a number of ways you can partner with us to continue the work of helping others know the grace of Jesus! As you consider how God is leading you to partner with us, we first ask for your prayers. We are convinced that God responds to the prayers of His people and that our only hope at impacting our city is by continuously bringing it to the Father in prayer and we invite you to join us in this!

Perhaps, however, God has called you to join us as a long-term partner.  As a church plant with a vision for making more and more disciples and continuing to plant more churches, it is our prayer that God would continue to bless us with more and more partners in the Gospel with a vision for advancing the Kingdom through church planting. In addition to prayer, these partnerships involve shared resources through giving and joining us in participate in the mission first hand!  As you pray about how God is leading you to partner with Grace Point, we would love to discuss a partnership with you in more detail and answer any questions you might have. You can begin giving online today or submit the form below to request additional information and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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