The Grace Point Network

The Grace Point Network exists to see new churches planted to reach the Cincinnati-Dayton Metro with the grace of God.

Why plant churches?

At Grace Point Fellowship, we believe that having a “kingdom first” mindset and a desire for more churches to be planted is the best way to reach the lost and raise up new leaders. If we believe in the cause of Christ for the local church — to go and make disciples of all nations — and we take it seriously, then we believe that the most natural result of effectively making disciples is the formation and planting of vibrant, culturally engaging, community-transforming new churches. As the United States and North America now has more people in it who need Jesus than almost every other country in the world , we believe it becomes increasingly important to see beyond the confines of one local congregation and intentionally work towards raising up disciples and equipping leaders to fulfill their callings here in Cincinnati/Dayton, the Midwest, and the World.

Why a Church Planting Residency?

A Church Planting Residency with a local church within the city you believe God has called you to help reach gives you a headstart in the church planting process and ensures you have a long runway to prepare for the unique challenges and joys of planting a new church. Through your residency, you’ll have access to training, get to spend time weekly working with other Pastors who are also experienced church planters, have a support system for you and your family prior to launching, and have a chance to connect with locals who can speak into the unique context of your church plant.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this video to hear from one of our most recent church planting residents!

Why Grace Point Network?

The Grace Point Network offers:

  1.  A contextualized local perspective in Cincinnati/Dayton with an extensive national network of churches across the United States.
  2. Hands-on Training through local apprenticeships, discipleship, and coaching from experienced church planters.
  3. The collective financial and ministry resources of partner churches at the local and national level that are so crucial to new church plants.

Our heart is to see local churches working together to equip those who God has called out from among them to serve as the next generation of church planters and pastors with the training and resources necessary to establish culturally-engaging, community-transforming, God-glorifying new churches!

Planters Training Planters

Learn first hand from planters who have been working on the front lines of church planting.

Local Community Perspective

Work with local Pastors offering a contextualized understanding of the challenges facing the church locally.

National Network

Network and develop partnerships and learn from churches and leaders from around the country.

Dedicated Coaching

Receive coaching from experienced pastors and planters to support you through the difficulties of planting.

Dual Training & Planting Timeline

Begin to plant while you train. Planters will use their apprenticeship to build a core team, grow in competency and character, and define their strategy.

Access to New Partnerships

Gain access to partnerships that will help your new church plant start with healthy expectations, healthy partnerships, and healthy backing before you launch.

Who will I work with?

Pastor Spencer Walters

Church Plant Trainer & Coach

Pastor Reagan Wagoner

Lead Church Planter & Church Plant Trainer

Pastor Spencer currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Grace Point Fellowship. In the past 7 years, he has helped plant 2 healthy, growing churches in very different contexts and currently serves as a church planter trainer and coach with the Send Network in the Cincy-Dayton metro. He has worked with dozens of church planters and also serves on the board of multiple new church plants. He is passionate about seeing church planters equipped to multiple more churches!

Pastor Reagan serves as the Lead Pastor at Grace Point Fellowship and was the Lead Planter of Grace Point Fellowship for the past 5 years. He has partnered with dozens of church plants over the past decade and currently coaches & trains planters throughout the Cincy-Dayton Metro and beyond. Reagan is passionate about raising up leaders to reach the lost in North America through the effective development and multiplication of disciples of Jesus and leaders of His church!

How can I get involved?

Becoming a church planter involves assessment, training, and coaching. You can start the process of becoming a Grace Point Network planter by expressing your interest and scheduling a phone call or an appointment with us. The Grace Point Network is continuing as well to enlist churches and individuals who have a heart for church planting to support future church planting in Cincinnati-Dayton, the Midwest and the World. To become a planter or partner with the Grace Point Network, fill out the form below, and we will contact you within the week!

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