Join A Building Project

By God’s grace and your generosity, we are overjoyed to share that the first step in creating a space for grace is now complete; we closed on our building!  As we continue to celebrate this good news, we have hit the ground running as we begin the next steps of renovating our new space for grace and there is plenty of work to be done. This is where we can use your help!

While much of the work being done to the building will need to be completed by a professional contractor, we still have plenty of projects that you can help with, each with varying levels of difficulty! Below is a list of projects we need to complete and each is time sensitive. Take a look at the list below and let us know if there is anything you’d like to help with! If so, you can contact Pastor Rich Hailey at and let him know which project you’d like to help with.  As we complete projects, we will update this list each week with new opportunities to serve.

Current Projects

  • Sweep & Shop-Vac Floors
  • Dusting throughout the building
  • Pickup trash around the exterior of the building
  • Build & Install Acoustic Panels
  • Install Coffee System
  • Install Sinks
  • Finish Installing Cabinets & Countertops
  • Baseboards
  • Build Temporary Walls
  • Lay & Grout Tile
  • Frame in Exterior Doors
  • Drywall, Mud, Sand, & Paint Walls
  • Install Shelving
  • Install Door Jams & Doors
  • Install Room Divider in Multipurpose Room
  • Construct Fence around Children’s Playground
  • Organize Equipment, Materials, & Tools.

Team Projects

  • Demo Teams
  • Framing Teams
  • Drywall Teams
  • Painting Teams
  • Flooring Teams

Schedule Your Team

If you are interested in scheduling your team to help with one of our team projects, contact Pastor Rich Hailey at Are you able to help with something that may not be listed? No problem, we can also determine when and how you may be able to participate in other ways as well, just let us know what you skill set is!

Thank You For Helping Us!